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SOLYD Vision – Automated Process Mining

An innovative, reliable and affordable solution to track work efficiency


SOLYD Vision pays for itself from the first day of your Bootcamp. Get instant ROI with a plug and play suite of desktop agents, AI framework and collaboration suite. Scale from a few desks to cross-continent global diverse and distributed workforce with a touch of a button.


Reliability means unbiased, uncontested, and responsive results. For fact-based decision making, you need data-driven insights and ground reality of people, systems and processes. Remove emotions and opinions from the larger picture for your organizational growth.


We make your operations excellence go superfast on steroids. Achieve state-of-the-art automated process mining that discovers not only complicated processes and workflows but also their intricate details. Leverage computer vision and AI capabilities with SOLYD Vision.

Respects Privacy

SOLYD Vision doesn’t rely on video cameras to evaluate work efficiency. Computer-based workers are commonplace throughout the industry for business and scientific work. They perform various kinds of knowledge-driven work. Monitoring such workers through video cameras is not efficient and is cumbersome in many ways. It breaches user privacy and is incomprehensible for the purpose of work quality and efficiency evaluation.

Turnkey Process Mining

Top 3 Places To Deploy

Process mining is a family of techniques in the field of process management that support the analysis of business processes based on event logs. During process mining, specialized data mining algorithms are applied to event log data in order to identify trends, patterns, and details contained in event logs recorded by an information system. Process mining aims to improve process efficiency and understanding of the processes. Process mining is also known as Automated Business Process Discovery (ABPD).

1 - Business Analysis

Every organization needs an updated state of the affairs. And most of such works are done by analysts who are often the subject matter experts of an industry or craft. For larger organizations, such analytical work needs information about the flow of material and information. With the help of process mining, business analysis becomes a data-driven task bringing a standard approach and standardized results.

2 - Rapid Robotics

From the early days of automation using visual basic in human operations or python scripts in IT operations, automation requires knowledge of flow. Modern automation techniques like RPA and intuitive bots also need a better sense of processes and workflow. More than half the effort often goes into finding the right business cases and their complexities. Therefore Vision helps in identifying high impact areas for all kinds of automation.

3 - Process Improvement

From the early days of machines, economic efficiency is equal to process efficiency. And process improvement is a basic and necessary form of business activity to be competitive, and innovative. With better process maps about tasks and activities, the resulting productivity also becomes robust and useful. SOLYD Vision maps the current processes in great detail for easy innovation.


SOLYD Vision is a frontend activity-based process mining, which needs a specialized algorithm for process mining. This is a new and innovative field with immense possibilities


How Is Vision Better?

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Featured Practices

Lean Six-Sigma Study

Lean is a method of finding and reducing waste in the business process. It has been applied in a variety of different industries with a success factor of 5% to 50%. With the help of SOLYD Vision, such an operations excellence initiative can increase their success by 50% to 400%. Clarity of processes and emotional bearing of different management layers can be eliminated by authoritative process maps from Vision.

UIPath, BluePrism & other RPA tools

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) requires more than SQTA (state of the art – a measure of human’s proficiency to compare robots) level of proficiency to be deployed in business, and to make that happen, a large amount of effort goes into the discovery of actual process through dialogues, observations and other indirect validations, but such processes are again mired by emotions and clutter of organizational hierarchy. RPA can greatly benefit from SOLYD Vision to enhance the speed of robot delivery and its quality.

Explore your business with unprecedented reach

Process mining combined with continuous improvement can be a new and innovative way for the future of organizations and related future of the workforce. Get started in just 3 easy steps and scale great heights.

Easy Setup

One Click Installs


  • Download desktop agents by clicking on the Download button.
  • Install desktop agents in your operation’s machines.
  • You can connect the bot server to collect all the logs. Or you can set up to save the logs locally.
  • Logs will be collected on a bot server or locally if the server is not connected.


  • Load the logs in analysis engine of Python or H2O
  • The resulting process map will be generated
  • Load the process maps in Vision Play App
  • Setup or Leverage data office in your organization or CIOs to gain maximum benefits through innovative consumption of operations performance.

Coming Soon – Bot Server for automated analysis of agents


  • Share and collaborate the results with your stakeholders to build next-generation operations excellence programs, e.g. LEAN, RPA, Rapid Improvement, TPS, etc.
  • Setup continuous monitoring to identify the impact of on-going changes and measure progress.

Our Mission

We are experts in the business of processes. And we want to make the business of managing processes easier and better. Processes have the inherent capability of infinite innovation. But it is limited by communication and collaboration. Therefore we are making process management opinion-free by data mining with the help of technology.

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